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Not particularly fond of livejournal,
i will leave this blog as it is,
and leave you here with final words and links
from where you can continue to travel around in the netz:

February 7th the 4th edition of das kleine field recordings festival started. Website for updates.

My updates, news and more

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United in Silence - new release on zeromoon

Hello friends and listeners.

Earlier this year I created a soundroom in Eskilstuna (Sweden). I played three sets on three days. The very last set turned out to be a very special one. Maybe you will be able to hear why. It was recorded by Anders Ostberg.

Now this recording has been released by zeromoon.
Title: united in silence

It will not appear on Cdr. By now new technologies have been created that have turned the Cdr into a waste product.

It is available as mp3, and you can download it. But not for free. Ha!

There will be three ways to get access to the webpage, and maybe four if you are brave enough hacking it.

First is to go to the zeromoon catalogue, scroll down and follow instructions.
price 5 dollar

Second is buy the packet with handwritten information and some illustrations from me when you come to my concert. price 5 euro

Third is order it from me through paypal: sjefahoy at home dot nl
price will be 6,50 euro with postcard and seasons greetings included

greetings from Paris,

Two souveniers

From my recent travels two episodes got immortalised.

One is the concert I did in Arcore in Italy on the 24th of October. You will find full information on the linked webpage.

Two is an extract from the finishing set of Diktat, when we became a sextet in conjunction with BUG, yesterday at Le Comète 347 in Paris.

I am currently writing a short story on my trip to Florence,
that will be published soon enough, I hope.


The kaartjescontroler on the train told me to come. I followed. Outside it was night. I had a faint idea to be on the wrong train; the one that would skip the station of the small town somewhere in the north east of Italy. And no other train would go there untill the next morning.
I had seen snow in Austria, while passing through. And I had been on a warm luxurious train that was heading for Venice. I had waited on a station close to the Austrian border. Not too cold, but still that concrete feel of autumnly solitarity. New design everywhere. Monitors without an image. Transparenent elevator boxes without any one in it. A voice announcing the train.
New design inside. I felt totally misplaced, found a seat in a kind of yacuzzi set up: two half circles of seats opposed to each other. For a conference? The rest looked like like a sneak through cabinet, arousing expectations that everything would be normal around the next ergonomic corner.

In fact it was, as I found out when the kaartjescontroler became aware of my despair. The rolling announcement said: Udine. That is the last stop. And then the train stopped. The kaartjescontroller told me to come. I followed. The sliding doors opened. In the dark of the night, after making a little bow, i could read the name of the little town. The train had made an extra stop for me. I stepped out into the night and thought of heaven.

knettergek and other symphonies

Well well, last nights appearance at Kita was not blessed by a generous constellation. Christi, a young man from Rumania had an outstanding programme, with Seiji Morimoto amongst others, but the strange thing is that, though playing gratis, and thus supporting the place to become a wellknown and attractive venue, the artists got as a reward a 1 euro discount on the beer! "play for free and pay for beer" as Sean stated it. There were almost one hundred people outside. Well, this and more got me pissed off, and when the soundman couldn't get the sound right after 5 minutes of playing I unplugged and ended the concert. So far for K:ita. Best of luck next time.

I received a nice packet from Ninah Pixie, all the way from California. And in it was a brrt brrt thingbing attached to a flower, able to make some noise, it goes quieck and prut, and even says in different voices " I love you."  Since it is part of a blue transparent plastic beauty case (in it three cd's of women who took back the noise), the texture of the plastic helps to modulate the sound. Together with a proposed invitation by Peter Zincken (I proposed to him to ask me for a track for his upcoming three cdr compilation of nedernoise) I used this little device to compose a piece called 'knettergek'. Together with the unwanted recordings of my dictaphonic feedback interventions during my life sets, it will make up for a cassette release of 2x5 minutes, that will be available at places where I play.



Radikal Satan is coming to town. Looking forward to meet my good friends from Bordeaux. Maybe even have them play an extra and illegal concert.


Looking forward to a golden oktober

I left the little plant in Wuppertal and she is looking good. The bridge from september to oktober I walked while travelling first south to Zürich to see my friends from tapemosphere, do a quickie in Bern, and a walking cassette player performance in the Dadahausbook/tourist shop.

In Breda I performed with Diktat. Short video's and pictures from that Breda performance, amongst which a secret one on the streets will become available soon.

Berlin will be full of performances, as usual, to start tomorrow with tape companion Soichiro Mitsuya.

greetings from südstern.