rinusvanalebeek (rinusvanalebeek) wrote,

knettergek and other symphonies

Well well, last nights appearance at Kita was not blessed by a generous constellation. Christi, a young man from Rumania had an outstanding programme, with Seiji Morimoto amongst others, but the strange thing is that, though playing gratis, and thus supporting the place to become a wellknown and attractive venue, the artists got as a reward a 1 euro discount on the beer! "play for free and pay for beer" as Sean stated it. There were almost one hundred people outside. Well, this and more got me pissed off, and when the soundman couldn't get the sound right after 5 minutes of playing I unplugged and ended the concert. So far for K:ita. Best of luck next time.

I received a nice packet from Ninah Pixie, all the way from California. And in it was a brrt brrt thingbing attached to a flower, able to make some noise, it goes quieck and prut, and even says in different voices " I love you."  Since it is part of a blue transparent plastic beauty case (in it three cd's of women who took back the noise), the texture of the plastic helps to modulate the sound. Together with a proposed invitation by Peter Zincken (I proposed to him to ask me for a track for his upcoming three cdr compilation of nedernoise) I used this little device to compose a piece called 'knettergek'. Together with the unwanted recordings of my dictaphonic feedback interventions during my life sets, it will make up for a cassette release of 2x5 minutes, that will be available at places where I play.



Radikal Satan is coming to town. Looking forward to meet my good friends from Bordeaux. Maybe even have them play an extra and illegal concert.

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